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As the name suggests, a virtual tour is a way of discovering a particular place virtually, via the Internet, and without having to move. In Montréal, for businesses, artisans, and merchants, the virtual tour is an interesting service in more ways than one! It allows you to promote your business, your services, or your shop; to discover a shop, its decorations, and its products or services; and to develop the desire to “go through the door” and learn more. Google Street View virtual tour is based on pictures that will be compiled to construct a 360° panorama. These panoramic views allow you to watch a complete tour of a given establishment, to immerse yourself in the experience, and to navigate through the different spaces. Google allows Montréal companies to put their virtual tours online and on its products as “Google Street View” or “Google +”. The benefit derived from a virtual tour for your company is immense: you will increase your visibility on Google and help your search engine optimization (SEO).

Discover the 360° virtual tour in Montréal

In order to carry out a complete virtual tour, the photographer will need to take 360° photos of the places visited. These photos can be taken with a fisheye lens to cover the largest possible area in a limited number of photos. Eight photos are generally enough to cover a 360° panorama. Pictures are then processed and optimized to obtain a harmonious rendering and to avoid as much as possible the undesirable visual effects associated with cross-referencing. Your 360° panorama can be added to Google via a Google Street View application. Your virtual tour is now online and referenced on Google Maps!

“Google My Business program”

Your 360° virtual tour in Google Street View can be linked to your Google My Business account. Launched in 2011, this program is designed for businesses, is easy to use, and is free of charge. The account, which can be completed between 5 and 10 minutes, allows businesses, artisans, and other professionals to promote their activities on the Google search engine, including your location, opening hours, pictures of your business, description, news, comments, and more… Once the information is correctly completed on the Google form, a validation code is sent by mail to validate your company’s location. Your Google My Business listing has now been activated! You are now referenced on Google products such as Google Maps, Google Street View, Google +, and Google Search.

For help with the sheets on Google My Business, find Google’s online help!

The benefits of Google My Business

You can get a number of advantages from your Google My Business program! For starters, you can easily update the information about your company—location, opening hours, pictures, description, news, comments, and notices. Google sheet also makes it possible to enhance the value of your activity by presenting beautiful pictures of your business and the products or services offered. Customers and consumers can access the “notice” section and can leave comments that will be visible to future users. The company is now better referenced, and its visibility is improved. You can also follow the evolution of your visitors with the statistical tools offered by Google. This strategy can also help you to reach new customers by redirecting them to your website.

Marina – St-Adolphe-d’Howard – Montréal, Québec

Beauty nail Bar – P&T Beauty – Montréal, Québec

The advantages of using Google My Business

  • A free service
  • An online geolocation service accessible from Google
  • Better visibility in search results
  • Statistical tools to optimize the visibility of your business
  •  Inform your customers of your news

To publish your virtual tour on Google, you will need a Google Street View Trusted Photographer

In order to benefit from a Street View virtual tour, your company should call a Google Street View Trusted Photographer. Trained in the specific characteristics of Google visits, the photographer knows how to take your 360° pictures, from post-production to upload the virtual visit on Google. Your tour is now online from Google Street View but also on Google Search. The virtual tour can be easily integrated into your company’s website.

Why add a virtual tour to my “Google My Business” listing?

Adding a 360° virtual visit to your “Google My business” page will improve your SEO on search engines. Interactive virtual tours also have the advantage of keeping your future buyers longer on your website. It is vital to improve your local referencing in Montreal! Internet users will also be more likely to visit a shop if it is trustworthy and verified by Google.

Who are Street View virtual tours for?

Street View virtual tours are for many structures, companies, and businesses in all fields of activity in Montreal:

– Small, medium, and large companies
– Specific services
– Traders
– Artisans
– Artists, and many more !

Google My Business allows you to improve your visibility on the web and to provide a lot of information about your business. By adding a virtual visit, you improve your SEO strategy.

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